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HOW WE TREAT | Biodex Balance Machine

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Biodex Balance Machine

Have you been struggling with keeping your balance? It’s very possible you may have a balance issue that calls for the attention of a physical therapist. Thankfully, Global Physical Therapy & Spine Specialists in Grand Blanc and Flint, MI can help. We are proud to offer the Biodex Balance System for our patients dealing with balance and vestibular disorders.

Contact our office today to learn more about the Biodex Balance system. We’ll schedule an appointment for you to see one of our specialists right away.

What Is The Biodex Balance Machine?

The Biodex Balance machine at Global Physical Therapy & Spine Specialists is a valuable training tool for anyone who is looking to improve their agility, balance, and develop muscle tone. The machine features easy-to-follow on screen instructions, and is fairly simple to operate. It leads you through tests and training modules, and can perform accurate Fall Risk Screenings for older patients.

According to the Biodex website, “Balance retraining exercises are designed to steady a patient while walking or standing through improvements in coordination of muscle responses and organization of sensory information. Static and dynamic tests are administered to gauge a patient’s balance – objective reporting and comparisons to normative data aid in the development of individual exercise plans.”

What Conditions Can Biodex Balance Treat?

The Biodex Balance machine can treat several conditions, including the following:

  • Fall risk screening and conditioning

  • Rehab for senior patients

  • Neurorehabilitation for patients recovering from a stroke or dealing with Parkinson’s

  • Vestibular disorders

  • Sports medicine/orthopedic management

  • Concussions

The Biodex Balance system is able to detect areas of weakness and challenges patients to improve. It also provides games for patients to play that stimulate and motivate postural improvements, and challenge cognitive and motor function.

Your physical therapist at Global Physical Therapy & Spine Specialists in Grand Blanc and Flint, MI will do a full assessment of your balance at your initial appointment, and create a customized treatment plan for your needs that incorporates the use of the Biodex Balance system. He or she will provide you with plenty of information about your condition as well as your treatment plan’s outcome by utilizing this technology!

Contact Us Today

If you’re in need of physical therapy for a balance issue, request an appointment at Global Physical Therapy & Spine Specialists in Grand Blanc and Flint, MI today to learn more about our Biodex Balance System, and how this advanced technology can help you get back to leading a healthy, normal lifestyle.


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